No Man’s Sky will be released on august 9 !



Yes, No Man’s Sky, a badass looking game will be released on august 9 this year. After more than 3 year to the tribunal for having used the word “Sky” in the title… Americans aren’t joking with that ! Non the less it’s over.



Everyone here probably already have heard of No Man’s Sky, because it’s over-hyped… And even if the game seems to be great, I don’t really like over-hyped games : Often expensive and rarely fulfilling their promises.

In NMS, you will dig your path through a very big galaxy (I don’t know if it’s big as Elite: Dangerous galaxy), aboard a space ship. You will also be able to walk on planets surfaces to gather resources to upgrade your ship. Almost everything is procedurally generated and the game have a cool cartoon style.



Be warned, No Man’s Sky is a sand-box game ! For those here not customary with the genre, the game will not say anything to you ! You will have to head yourself wherever you want without any arrow telling you where to go. Doing what you want, when you want, without any explicite goal. It’s not a story-driven game.

Since Elite: Dangerous multi-crew will be late, I’ll give a try to No Man’s Sky once I will be back from holidays.

I also have to congrats “Hello Games” (indie No Man’s Sky devs) for achieving that kind of game with ONLY 15 guys ! GG Guys !



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