I created this blog because I like to write words…

Not really, not “real” words I mean. I am a developer.

I started to work in development, in a very small software firm, as a CTO, 6 years ago. But, in what we call “PME” in France (it mean”small and medium business”), I had more than an executive role. I was the main developer also.

The company bankrupted 6 months after I started, it was already under economic recovery before my happening.

After that, I joined the CNRS (“Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique”, in english “National Center for Scientific Research”), to become software engineer for 3 years and a half, on a big project : ISTEX. Agile team’s member, this was my first real experience under the Scrum method. Formed by Pierre Neis (a f*kin good coach). Anecdotally this guy come from the same place as me, in far-eastern France.

Then I became interim Scrum Master (interim because I stayed a developer before everything else). Everything was good in this job, but I rapidly saw how developing can become sh*t whithout a good agile environment, I asked to become SM at this time.

As you saw, I will employ some bad words around here. I’ll try my best to do not… but it’s my personnality, I like bad words. You don’t use a “switch/case” if a simple “if” test can resolve all your problems ! That’s the same with my speaking. Why should I make a greedy long phrase if one word can make you understand the whole thing ? Okay, you got it 🙂

I’m now Consultant Engineer for a big french firm. If you’re gentle, maybe I’ll talk about it 🙂

You’ll find here things about information technologies, agile methods, maybe even video games (yeah, I like it also !), animes and TV shows ( ❤ U Mr. Robot ! ).

Pour les frenchies, vous trouverez aussi des articles en français !

(don’t search for my name on Google, I’m a ghost 🙂 ) William Paul